About us

We're a team of local butchers who have been in this game for decades. Our unique, mobile van and the finest cuts set us apart.

A Local & Mobile Butchery

While Christchurch continues to rebuild and redevelop, so do we with our new Bush Inn shop coming in 2020. Our mobile butchery van travels Christchurch and can be seen often selling meat - setting us apart from any other provider. But it's the service and the knowledge we pride ourselves on. This is what you'll notice from us straight away.

Only The Best Make The Window

Every slice, every kg, every combination is checked and signed off by Corey and the team. Nothing makes the shop window and our store unless it's the absolute finest quality on offer. That's why our customers keep coming back. 


Corey's Master Butchers works together in partnership with the suppliers below to ensure we bring you the quality meat you know and love. It's our relationships with them that bring the absolute best quality meat to our shop, every day.

Harris Meats Cheviot Ltd

We are proud to be partners with Harris Meats Cheviot. It all began for Harris Meats in 1956 when Clare Harris suggested to her husband Dennis that they start a butchers shop in Cheviot for servicing the local community. With over 60 years of dedication to provide the best quality meats, Harris Meats Butchery became an iconic country butcher not only for locals but also for many other customers stopping on their way through.

Alliance – Pure South

Since 1948
70 years ago, our farmers started working together. They created world class breeding programmes, invested in research, developed innovative butchery techniques, and took New Zealand’s finest lamb, beef and venison to the world. With a mild climate and ample space, our New Zealand environment is ideally suited to natural farming methods, a high standard of animal welfare and environmental care. Our grass-fed, low stress animals produce world class red meat with a flavourful taste and tender eating quality.

Fresh Pork NZ

Established in 1985, Freshpork is the country’s leading pork processor and wholesaler. For over three decades, Freshpork has been 100 per cent privately owned and managed by the Glass family, and today provides approximately one third of New Zealand’s pork to markets across New Zealand.

Read about Corey's journey

In 1993 Cory left school to gain experience and help out around a locals butchers shop. He had to work for a couple of hours in the morning before school and he would come back for a couple of hours in the evening afterwards. They were simple, but important tasks.

Over two decades later, and Corey has remained in this profession. He has honed his skills and his passion grows every year. This continues to be shown through his team and the products they produce.


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